Management Team

Sofia Benkhaled - Global Project Manager (GPM)

Hello everyone! I am Sofia, the GPM of this Energy and Environment Forum. I am responsible for overall management of this project, including ensuring quality of deliverables, verifying deadlines are met, motivating and managing the teams. To make this project succeed, I have been surrounded by an excellent Global Management team which you will discover below.

I look forward to seeing you all on March 27th and I hope that you will enjoy this day!

Shendra Biscans-Barthillat - Project Manager Officer (PMO)

Hello ! I am Shendra, the PMO of the Global Project Team. I am working closely with the GPM and the Forum Managers. My job is to report to the GPM and the client about the overall progress of the Forum. I have to produce and maintain the Gantt Chart and also manage any tasks in support of the GPM, by any means !

For sure, you will enjoy this E² Forum !

Cédric Huret - Logistics Manager

Hello I am Cédric Huret and I am the Energy and Environment Logistic Manager. My task is to make sure that everything goes perfectly during the D-day. I will make sure to provide you with food and happiness all day long, and to ensure the best rooms for every presentation you will see.

We are waiting for you on the 27th March for an amazing day in our company!

Guillaume Sanchez - Technical Manager

Hi everyone! I am Guillaume Sanchez Technical Manager of the Energy & Environment Forum. My role is to help the forum teams to choose and develop the technical of their exhibitions on the D-Day. If any technical problem occurs during the forum I will also be there to fix it!

So if you want to discover all the amazing models and experiments that the forum teams have designed for you, come on March 27th.

Ivan Zanabria - Technical Manager

Hello I am Ivan Zanabria and I am the Technical Manager of the Energy & Environment Forum. I am responsible for making possible all the technical aspects for the forum teams. I have to ensure that all the devices work on the D-Day. To do so I helped all the teams to choose the right path and materials for their technical creation.

I hope you will enjoy all the great presentations by our forum teams!

Raphael Lebas - Financial Manager

Hi everybody I am Raphael Lebas and I am the Financial Manager of the Energy & Environment Forum. I am in charge of managing the global budget. I also assigned funds to the forum managers and I ensure proper accounting practices

I hope you will enjoy this day and see you there!

Emilie Cauquil - Communication Manager

Hello ! It's a pleasure to be in charge of internal and external communications of this great event within the management team.
I'm responsible for the promotion (videos, flyers, social networks, graphic design of the website), contact with our guests and concert organization.

Camille and I are working hard to promote this great event and to organize a fantastic round table.

Camille Coq - Communication Manager

Hello I am Camille Coq. I am a member of the Communication Team. I was in charge of contacting partners and speakers. I manage our Facebook page, our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and this website. Emilie and I are organising the Round Table, in collaboration with Guillaume and Ivan (the Technical Managers), that will take place at the end of the day. I will welcome people on D-Day and make sure everything is great for all of our guests.

I look forward to seeing you at the Energy & Environment Forum.

Alexis Texier - Website Creator

Hello I am Alexis Texier and I was a member of the communication team in 2017. I built this website and created all the graphic design and content relative to the Energy Forum last year.

Florian Alba - Website Designer

Hello I am Florian Alba and I remastered this website for the Energy & Environment Forum this year

I hope to see you there !