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Energy & Construction

Our team

Composed of 8 active and dynamic members, our team will be proud to welcome you to room K04 of the EPF Montpellier campus for the Energy and Environment Forum.

We will be present all day long to help you discover the topic Energy and Construction!


Energy and Construction is a subject that concerns all of us, that is at the heart of French policy and that is constantly innovating. To talk about this problem, we have planned to make a large model of an intelligent city with small discovery workshops (Smart Grid, Active House, Solar Roads and Connected Objects).

RT 2020 & E+/C- label

The discovery of the room will begin with explanations on the RT2020, which is the new thermal regulation that will be applicable to all new buildings from 2020 onwards. Then we will present the E+/C- label, which aims to contribute to the fight against climate change in new construction by producing low-carbon and positive-energy buildings.

Chania Chania
Intelligent city

Then, in the middle of the room, you will find the model of an intelligent city that we designed and built. This model will allow you to visualize the essential elements that Human will need to build the cities of tomorrow. Around this model, many workshops will be facilitated by our team members to let you discover solar roads, Smart Grid, active houses or connected objects. The workshops will help you understand the energy, economic and social issues related to the construction sector.


So, you can't miss the E2 forum! We hope that you will be numerous, and we look forward to seeing you on March 27th 2018 to discover our Energy and Construction room!