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Environment & Food

Our team

Our team is working on Environment & Food and we are motivated students from EPF. Our objective is to inform you about the impact of our daily food choices. We are a passionate team and we will welcome you to our fascinating room!


Food: every life on the earth depends on this. Animals hunt, migrate and share, with the only aim to live a little more.
With human evolution and the importance of money we have totally lost sight of the importance of the in our civilization and the impact to producing it: pesticides, plastic, fossil fuels, destruction and pollution.
Is this not the moment to change our habits? To save the earth, but also for our future.


Land degradation

Using the current agriculture methods, food production requires a lot of resources and has many adverse impacts on the environment. For instance, soils are drained of their nutrients and eroded, causing a decrease in production.

A game will be played to raise awareness of these issues. Several participants play the role of professionals linked to the food industry and are asked to invest in new sustainable solutions to limit the degradation of environment.


Meat consumption

Besides some benefits linked to meat consumption, such as feeding poor areas and providing nutritional benefits, some adverse effects are indisputable. Among them, we can cite greenhouse gases emissions (14,5% of global emissions, which is more than the transportation sector), water use, deforestation etc. Therefore, in the future it is essential to choose sustainable methods of production.

Alternative solutions

A good solution to reduce the impact that our food has on the environment is to choose to consume locally: that means that you consume products (meat, vegetables, etc) that have been produced close to the place where you buy them, for example close to your market or at least in your country. It allows reduction in transport costs and pollution, and overall minimises the resources needed for production. Moreover, it allows us to make sure that norms are respected, so it is also good in terms of health.