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Energy & Fuels

Our team

Fuels are used in many fields such as heating. They are mainly fossil fuels but greener alternatives do exist and need to be developed. This room will allow you to learn more about biofuels and to make up your own idea mind about it


In this room, our visitors will discover the main fuels used to heat their houses. They will learn in interactive ways the differences between these fuels in order for them to make up their own minds about it.


Fuel path

Each visitor will have to choose between heating with traditional fuels or heating with biofuels. Once the choice has been made, visitors shall move in the direction they chose and will be led to to make further choices.
It is a way for our visitors to stay active while we present them all the technical information about the fuel they chose such as price and greenhouse gas emissions.


At the end, each visitor will be able to say why he would prefer one fuel or another.

Biofuel creation

After that, we will present how to easily create a biofuel. You might be surprised to find out with which elements we can create one. Visitors will understand that biofuels are surely a field to develop in years to come.

The power of gas

We also would like to introduce the "Power of Gas" as an alternative to fuels. As you know, it is difficult to stock energy nowadays but "Power of Gas" might be a very interesting solution to the problem. To illustrate this, we will show you that we can easily convert electricity into gas, by electrolysis.