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Environment & Health

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Our room will explain the impact of environmental problems on human health. For example, pollution, new technologies, endocrine disruptors, ozone layer, sport and ancestral remedies will be discussed.


The main theme of the health and environment room will be travel. Each student will be in the shoes of a curious explorer and will arrive in the room with a short introduction of the context by a team member.

"You're very curious as future engineers, very assiduous. You are dreamers and ambitious people who want to change the whole world! You have learned that the earth is in bad shape, so you want to contribute to the world of tomorrow."

That's why you decide to travel all around the world. Your mission, if you accept it, is to travel to different countries to understand people's different actions on the environment, their impacts, as well as possible solutions and alternatives, whether in your daily life, in your home, on your road or on a larger scale

France : grandmother's remedies

Natural remedies are usually made from whole plants, a combination of several plants or a part of the plant: root, bark, wood, stem, leave, flower, fruit, seed or juice
Unlike some medications, grandmother's remedies are not toxic and therefore have a positive impact on health. That is why this subject is perfectly related to our theme since the ingredients used to heal are only natural and therefore positive for the environment.

USA : Endocrine disruptors

The list of endocrine disruptors is long : Bisphenol A, Flame retardant, DDT, BHA, Butyl- et propyl-parabens, phthalate, aerosols, etc. They are present all around the world in pesticides, food packaging, cosmetics and even toys
They can cause health problems for babies, young children and pregnant women, fertility problems, cancers, thyroid problems and can disrupt the hormonal system

Australia : Hole in the ozone layer

The average UV intensity in sunny New Zealand and Australia for each month ranges from 1 to 13. It is generally considered that UV level 1-2 does not need protection and that level 3 and above requires proper protective measures.

In 2012, 35.1 Australians/New Zealanders per 100,000 population suffered from melanoma (skin cancer), while this figure was only 13.8 in North America and 0.3 in East Asia. This is related to the local concentration of ozone.

Korea : New technologies

Korea has the most integrated technology in the society. But there is an impact of the radiofrequency (WIFI, phones etc.) and the blue lights on health. You will discover the time of exposition, the legal duration defined by the states and the impacts of the screens on children's health.
It is important to inform you, potential future parents!