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Energy & Waste

Our team

Our team is composed of seven people who are very motivated by the subject of waste recovery. We have learned a lot about how to convert waste to energy, and now we want to let you know some of these possibilities !


The energy and waste theme brings together two issues: The amount of waste on Earth and the increasing needs in energy. The room will then explain how to create energy from waste and give examples of what we can do at home to get more involved.

Anaerobic digestion : Methanisation

Anaerobic digestion (methanisation) is a technology based on the breakdown of organic matter by micro-organisms under controlled conditions and in the absence of oxygen.
This breakdown results in the production of:

- a digestate, rich in partially stabilized organic matter. This is generally returned to the ground, after a phase of composting;

- biogas (called biomethane after purification), a gaseous mixture saturated with water when it leaves the digester.


This renewable energy source can be used in several ways: combustion to produce electricity and heat, fuel production or injection into the natural gas network following purification.

Heat system from used cans

Yes, you read right ! It is possible to create your own heat system by creating a panel with used cans. Come to discover how it works, we built one for you to see !