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Environment & Water

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This room shows how every building could clean its dirty water using natural filtration and making cultures. We will also show you how countries use this system and what the position of the political position is. As you know, water is such an important resource but so badly managed ! So all of us have to be careful about water consumption.


People will discover or learn more about how our fresh water resources are used around the world and in which ways countries clean it and use it. We will see the political aspects of the water resources in France and also in developing countries. We will see that some countries have developed a natural system to clean the domestic water and to use it again in a closed cycle.

The system of filtration we developed :


"Dirty" water

The "dirty" water comes from our home (household water), from the dishwasher, the washing machine, the sink and the shower. This water will contain soap, some human sweat, also food waste and a little bit of dirt.

Filtration by sand

The sand filter is an environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment method, which is relatively simple and inexpensive.

Schematically speaking, grains of sand form a layer which is penetrated by the water and which will stop larger particles in the intervals between grains acting like a simple sieve.

Filtration by plants

The principle is based on the power of certain aquatic plants to feed on polluting compounds present in water: nitrogen, phosphorus, chlorine, copper, zinc, carbon and some heavy metals.
Plants are also home to many microscopic organisms (bacteria and algae) that help to purify water.